Aureole was the brainchild of Charlie Palmer, the esteemed culinary icon. Renowned designed Adam Tihany conceived the impeccable and innovative design scheme. Executive Chef Vincent Pouessel is in charge of the artful and seasonal culinary creations you will find here.

The main dining room is constructed primarily of dark wood with blue and red accents. The second dining room, called Swan Court, is a sun-colored room that has circular booths and tables with access to personal patios. The room gets its name because there is an actual outdoor pond with swans in in that people can enjoy while they are dining. There is also a dining area that is private. It has walls that are similar to Japanese screens. The walls are movable, so parties can fold them back for a more open feel or close them off for a more intimate gathering. Please visit casino and make money online. Please visit casino and make extra cash online.

The acclaimed wine tower is the most awe-inspiring design element in Aureole. It is a pillar made of steel and glass that is 42 feet tall. It is filled with 10,000 bottles of wine that shoot into the air in a way that is similar to an ancient obelisk.

The main courses served here give diners a variety of some of the finest seafood sold in Las Vegas. A seasonal special is the grilled Hawaiian swordfish. The seared black cod has a thin and crunchy skin that absorbs the juices and seals in the flavor. The roasted striped bass is served on a bed of orzo while being surrounded by mussel meats and crowned by red chorizo slivers.

However, the non-fish main courses are just as amazing. The duo of Kurobuta pork features both a pancetta wrapped tenderloin and a braised pork shoulder. The tenderloin and beef pastrami is bursting with sophisticated flavor. The tenderloin is sandwiched between pastrami on top and rye brioche cake beneath it. The mouth-watering oven roasted Colorado rack of lamb is served on a bed of green flageolet beans.