d.Vino Italian Food and Wine Bar

Located inside the Monte Carlo Hotel and Resort, chef Michael Shaughnessy and general manager Robert Katz have created a dining experience with a casual vibe, while also being sophisticated and elegant at the same time. Classic décor surrounds the restaurant, which is quietly tucked away from all of the activity taking place on the floor of the casino. Renaissance-style paintings and dark wood accents give the space the feel of an authentic Italian restaurant. An open pizza kitchen is the first thing that guests see as they enter. An authentic wood-fire oven bakes all of the pizza pies to perfection. Thanks to an oven that can reach 600 degrees, the pizzas can be finished in only six minutes.

Since the restaurant is called d.Vino, you would expect them to have a decent selection of wines. In this regard, they definitely do not disappoint. Both California and Italian wines are available. The restaurant also offers an innovative Enomatic wine serving system. It functions the same way as a soda dispenser. There are 16 different wines available. You can choose to have one, two or five ounces poured into your glass. You simply buy a reloadable card for any amount of money you want, then start pouring. This allows people to taste wine without waiting for the wine to be brought to their table. This revolutionary invention is sure to be copied by restaurants that want to serve their customers more efficiently.

d.Vino’s main courses showcase a variety of rustic Italian entrees. Veal marsala, chicken pepperonata, seared salmon and braised beef short rib are dishes that constantly keep diners coming back year after year. The short ribs are served on a bed of broccoli and potato gnocchi with white wine, butter and fresh herbs. The meat is boneless and marinated overnight in a mixture consisting of black pepper, olive oil, garlic and fine herbs.