Nove Italiano

Experience Nove Italiano unique twist on its every dishLocated at the top of the Palms Hotel and Casino, Nove Italiano is a stylish and elegant restaurant that delivers a dining experience that is both hip and sophisticated. Chef Geno Bernardo is in charge of the menu, which sheds new light on many classic Italian dishes.

There are several different dining settings that people can enjoy, depending on their mood. Deep ultramarine light fixtures and animal print chairs give the main dining room an exotic feel. There is a stylish bar located upstairs where you can relax and view the people dining below. You can also gaze at the stunning view, since the restaurant is located on the 51st floor. A semi-outdoor patio adds some trendiness to the dining experience.

The food is just as appealing as the environment. The scallops and truffles burst with a flavor seldom experienced in Vegas. A large amount of truffle slices are placed between the delicate halves of the scallop, making a dish that is as pleasant to look at as it is to eat. The Federal Hill calamari is a regional cuisine that is infused with flavors. Pepperoncini and parmesan are dusted on each lightly fried tendril. The burrata offers creamy mozzarella and sweet tomatoes in a welcome combination. Olive oil, basil, parsley and garlic join the fun to make this dish one you should savor.

Visit Nove Italiano to enjoy personally the restaurant's different dining settingsChef Bernardo’s unique style is on full display when you sample the Veal Nove. Presented with a traditional scaloppini, the golden-breaded veal cutlet has an aroma that is similar to herbs and citrus. The accompanying arugula and prosciutto deepens the flavors. To put the perfect finishing touch on your meal, you can try the strawberry Carpaccio. This is a unique twist on a dish that is a tradition in Italy. This delicious confection is brilliantly paired with Vin Santo, which is a traditional Italian dessert wine.