B&B Ristorante

Take a sip of Joe Bastianich and chef Mario Batali's wine at B&B RistoranteWinemaker Joe Bastianich and chef Mario Batali have brought an Italian cuisine that is rustic and straightforward to the heart of the Las Vegas strip. The restaurant gets its name from the last names of the owners. B&B Ristorante is located in the Venetian resort, is next to the Blue Man Group theatre. This successful duo got their start by opening this authentic Italian restaurant. The food here incorporates a modern flair that is distinct while also echoing the soulful cooking of Italian mothers. The restaurant’s Italian marble and dark wood beams boast a casual elegance.

A delicious taste of the ocean can be had by trying the tender spicy limoncello vinaigrette or the grilled octopus. Other outstanding choices on the menu include the bone marrow ravioli served with a one-pound lobster and the warm lamb’s tongue with a three-minute egg and chanterelles.

There is also an outstanding selection of second courses, if you want to keep the food coming. Choose from the grilled rib eye for two with roasted potatoes, whole grilled branzino fish and the veal chop. B&B’s wine list is impressive. It contains more than 1,000 wines from almost all regions of Italy. One of the highlights of a visit to B&B is the classic bar that is fully equipped. A large and bright spotlight illuminates three shelves of liquor. On each tier, beautiful shadows are created.

Get a chance to eat at B&B Ristorante - the best place for seafood loversFor people who love meat, B&B has all you could ever want and more. Some of the highlights are the spicy two minute calamari, the grilled Guinea hen with roasted squash and the grilled pork belly with heirloom savoy cabbage. However, it is their beef that separates B&B from the rest of their competitors. It is one of only two restaurants in Las Vegas that actually dry age all of the meat that they sell on the premises. Dry aging is a process that saturates and concentrates all of the beef’s natural flavors for a period of time. This helps to create amazing flavor combinations and meat that is extremely tender.