Delight your taste buds with Pamplemousse specialties and classic French favoritesLocated one block east of the strip, this restaurant is just across from the monorail shuttles at Sahara Station. It is on the corner of East Sahara Avenue and Santa Paula Drive. Upon entering, large mirrors give a very open feel to the small space. Pink and white tablecloths adorn every table. Decorative lamps and flickering candles give the room a romantic feel. Vintage black and white photos of celebrities are hung on the walls. The dark wood support beams and antique fireplace complete an atmosphere that is ideal for dining.

It is interesting to note that Pamplemousse is actually the oldest French restaurant in Vegas, dating back 35 years. All of those years have been under the leadership of the owner, chef Georges La Forge. The restaurant boasts 600 regular customers, a testament to the quality food and service found within these walls.

Pamplemousse is oldest French restaurant in VegasThe menu is loaded with unique house specialties and classic French favorites. There is also a menu that changes periodically, based on the season. Chilled foie gras is served with two round slices that are slightly pink. The meat is rich, reminding one of some of the finest dishes served in Paris. A flaky French pastry called bouchee is filled with many delicious offerings from the sea. Lobster, shrimp and thick scallops are combined with mushrooms, garlic and a cognac white wine glaze.

If you are looking for a main course that will delight your taste buds, you need to try the LeMagret De Canard & Cuisse Confite, the house specialty. This is a duck breast and leg combination. Alternately, you can try the Le Carre D’Agneau De Printemps. This is a full rack of spring lamb, accented beautifully by a light rosemary sauce and a pistachio crust.

For a dessert you are not soon to forget, you can order some profiteroles. They are flaky and dense cream puff pastries that are considered a classic French dessert.