Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali are the business and culinary masterminds behind Carnevino. One is a successfulKnow the men behind Carnevino at restaurateur and the other is a renowned chef. Together, they have opened several of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in the country.

Located in the Italian themed Palazzo hotel, there is no difference in design between the restaurant and the hotel. A lovely archway greets you as you enter. It may remind visitors of the architecture used to build Italian manor houses. The Venetian plastered walls are gold-toned. These look appealing when contrasted against the rich wood trim. The vaulted ceilings are easily 20 feet high.

The primary dining room features oversized antique European sideboards, large ornate wood doors, stone medallions and stylish wood flooring. Beautiful views can be enjoyed through enormous windows that are draped with tapestries.

Executive Chef Nicole Brisson has things well in hand. One of her specialties is the Carne Cruda Alla Piemontese, which is another name for steak tartare. The gently wrapped mixture is combined with mushrooms, mustard, lemon, chives, capers and shallots. The combination will send your taste buds soaring with delight.

For true lovers of beef, visit CarnevinoPasta lovers will want to try the beef steak ravioli or the spaghetti al frutti di mare. The frutti di mare consists of calamari, clams, lobster and shrimp atop a portion of spaghetti. The ravioli is bathed in a butter sauce topped off with balsamic vinegar.

The La Fiorentina is one of the dishes that Carnevino has become famous for. It is a porterhouse steak for two. The steak is served along with seared foie gras, a quail egg and quanciale mashed potatoes. The restaurant has successfully made extended dry aging an art form. 30-40 days is the industry standard for dry aging. However, Carnevino does its dry aging over the course of one year. The Riserva is one of the beef dishes that gets the one-year dry aging treatment. It is suggested for true lovers of beef.